Cheryl K Thomas Passes Away



It leaves us with a heavy heart to hear of Cheryl’s recent passing. She has been a valued member of our team for decades and her outstanding achievements have changed lives all around the world. Our thoughts are with all those close to her.
– The AVP Team



Thomas/Lane & Associates
San Juan, Puerto Rico and Seattle, Washington
1985 – present

C.K. Thomas Associates
Anchorage, Alaska
1983 − 1985

Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska
1981 − 1983

Economist, Economic and Market Analysis
Office of Program Development and Research, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Washington, DC
1979 − 1981

Economist, Region X
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Seattle, Washington
1975 − 1978

Financial Analyst/Planner
United Way of King County
Seattle, Washington
1973 − 1975

Economic Analyst
Human Resources Planning Institute
Seattle, Washington
1972 − 1973


M.A., Public Policy, Harvard University
M.A., Economics, University of Washington
B.A., Psychology, University of Washington

Awards and Honors

Phi Beta Kappa
Danforth Fellow in Economics

Professional Affiliations

The American Economic Association
The Western Regional Science Association
Association of Women Economists
Women in International Development


The Labor Force Status of Alaska’s Native Population(with Theodore Lane)
Developing America’s Northern Frontier, University Press of America

The Economic Status of Alaska’s Native Women
Alaska Native News

Housing Conditions in Rural Alaska
Alaska Native News

Impact of State of Alaska’s Home Financing Programs
Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska

Papers Presented

Washington State Housing Markets
Washington State Housing Conference, Seattle, Washington

The Search for Comparative Advantage in an Emerging World Economy(with Theodore Lane)
U.S./China Conference on Population Settlement, Tongji University, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Economic Development Among the Small Island Economies of the Pacific and the Caribbean(with Theodore Lane)
Pacific Regional Science Conference, Pusan, South Korea

Representative Assignments

Has done over 20 Market Studies on the effect of HOPE VI housing developments on housing markets, property values, sales prices, employment and fiscal returns to city, county and state governments. These studies have been in the states of Connecticut, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Rhode Island and Washington.

Completed a Return on Investment Analysis for the Portsmouth, Virginia Redevelopment and Housing Authority for the redevelopment of a public housing site of 600 homes and the creation of a mixed income residential community. The analysis takes into account the investment by federal, state and city agencies and the private sector and calculates the real twenty year rate of return  to the city, state and federal government through increases in neighborhood property values and property taxes, increases in sales and sales taxes, changes in employment and state and federal income taxes and changes in the operating costs of the PHA.

Co-directed creation of a quality of life indicators and benchmarks system for Pierce County, and the transfer of the system (with appropriate staff training) to Pierce County’s Department of Community Services for ongoing operation. The system, which involved 72 indicators, received a national award certificate from the National Commission of Elected County Officials and was cited by NCECE for its innovation.

Directed a statewide analysis of housings needs in Washington State. A multidisciplinary effort involving a team of housing specialists, planners and economists in a 12-month effort that culminated in publication of a three-volume report and presentation of findings to a statewide conference of housing stakeholders.

Directed an evaluation of the impact of state financing initiatives on the functioning of private housing markets, net state costs and the provision of housing services to needy Alaska residents, including estimation of a policy-based benefit/cost analysis. An assignment for the Alaska State Housing Finance Corporation.

Directed the first statewide assessment of the economic status of rural Native women in Alaska. Assignment included interviews with Native women living in rural villages throughout the state, organizing available secondary source material, identifying barriers to Native women’s economic opportunity, and making recommendations for new policy and program initiatives. Assignment for the Office of the Governor, Alaska State Women’s Commission.

Under several separate assignments over a four-year period, designed, organized and assisted in implementing the privatization of six public housing projects on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Assignments included working with local banks to create financing mechanisms to maximize the number of households able to purchase their housing units, holding public meeting with public housing residents to explain the program and help them prepare to participate, and representing the Virgin Islands Housing Authority in negotiation to obtain HUD approval of the program. The assignments included design of both sole proprietor and cooperative housing home ownership policies and programs.

Co-directed a statewide assessment of housing conditions in the State of Alaska, including assessments of elderly housing programs, Native housing programs, and HUD/FHA insured housing ownership programs. Assignment included formulation of a comprehensive and unified approach to Alaska’s housing policy, and the creation of alternative models of housing service delivery for urban and rural Alaska. Assignment for the Alaska Department of Community Development.